Bibliographic guides by the National Library of Russia

On the National Library of Russia website a place well-worth revisiting from time to time is the section Bibliograficheskie ukazateli i spiski
To arrive at the page start at the main page of the library, choose “Resursy” and then select “Bibliograficheskie ukazateli” . The page shows a list of printed guides authored by the bibliographers of the National Library. These are on the subjects of market economics (1986-), Places of Worship in St. Petersburg (1717-1917), and Literature on Petersburg (1989-).
Of perhaps greater interest are the online guides that follow. First we find a series of bibliographic guides to several broad disciplines: architecture, biology, pedagogy, religion, physical education & sport, and philosophy. The entries are not annotated but the contents are very painstakingly subdivided by subject.
What follows is a series of in-depth bibliographies on a variety of much more narrow subjects, ranging from the history of Russia’s literary salons, to the influence of cell phones on health. These guides are also not annotated, but again are subdivided by subject in inconsiderable detail. Although the themes vary widely, and it is hard to predict what one may find, it is worthwhile to browse the list. For the lucky researcher who is working on, say , theaters of St. Petersburg, stumbling on a bibliography of over 270 items can be a virtual goldmine.
It appears that the list of guides is growing and is well worth revisiting to check for new contributions.

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