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Digital library “Culture of Ukraine” is an excellent internet source that gives you the opportunity to read rare publications pertaining to cultural history of Ukraine. Books, albums, journals, magazines, and rare publications in full format on architecture, arts, music, ethnography, religion, folklore, photography, theater, and cinema are easily accessible. Ukrainian libraries, museums, and academic institutions are among project participants. The site has subject and alphabetic catalogs, and it is regularly updated. 


B. Hrinchenko's Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language now available online

Borys Hrinchenko's Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language is one of the most important books in the history of the modern Ukrainian language. It has 68 000 registered words, and it is the first significant Ukrainian lexicographic collection with the translation of its words into Russian. The Dictionary is an indispensable source for those who are interested in the Ukrainian language and its history. It can be of great service for translators, Slavic linguists, and students of Ukrainian and other Slavic languages.
The Dictionary was first published in Kyiv in 1907-09. The online version is based on the four-volume edition of 1958.
Dictionary of the Ukrainian Language by Borys Hrinchenko

Register of Declassified Archival Records of Ukraine

During the last twenty years the archival system of Ukraine went through dramatic changes in order to make country's rich archival archival resources available for public. As a result of these changes, central and local archives not only declassified their numerous records that were previously inaccessible, but they also created registers of declassified records that now are available in the PDF format online.
This link will direct you to those registers: