Bibliographic Management Tools

We are sometimes asked by our patrons about the various bibliographic management tools available on the market, such as RefWorks, Endnote, etc. I pulled together a few links that give a good background regarding the subject of bibliographic software. The pages I link to range from very in-depth ones, some of which are continuously updated, to quick overviews, some in easy to read table form.
Here is a Berkeley site with nice tutorials, in depth descriptions of each program, FAQs and more. Discussed are EndNote, RefWorks, QUOSA, and Reference Manager.
There is also this detailed side by side comparison of several programs including RefWorks, Biblioscape, Bookends, Library Master, ProCite, EndNote, Reference Manager, and Papyrus:
Tufts also has a nice page comparing Endnote, RefWorks, and Reference Manager.
For an overview at a glance here is everything about the main features of the programs put together in one big table (from a University of Washington page). Compared are: RefWorks, Endnote, Procite, and Reference Manager.