Centralny Katalog Czasopism Polskich - kalendarze.

Dear Colleagues, During a recent search for holdings of a truly obscure Polish newspaper (Zolnierz Wolnosci from 1943 published at the time in the USSR for the purposes of the newly-formed Polish Kosciuszko Division) I went to the Centralny Katalog Czasopism Polskich. In our work we do not use that database that often, and I at least often forget it can be very useful in tracking down holdings of periodicals (including newspapers) in Polish libraries. During the search I looked at the other databases listed under Katalogi Centralne: http://mak.bn.org.pl/w3.htm I noted a subdivision of the abovementioned catalog -- Centralny Katalog Czasopism Polskich - kalendarze. http://mak.bn.org.pl/cgi-bin/makwww.exe?BM=47 I thought I would bring this database to your attention, since calendars (those coming out serially) can be notoriously hard to track. Moreover, since Warsaw was in the Russian sector of the partition, many Russian Imperial calendars can be found on the list. As an example I could mention: ADRES KALENDAR ILI SPISOK GLAVNYCH VLASTEJ IMPERII I CINOVNIKOV CARSTVA. The holdings of the libraries listed as owning the items are not always complete, but nevertheless, this is a most useful database.