CEJSH -- THE CENTRAL EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES The journal, founded in 2004 publishes English abstracts of articles and reviews, which appeared mostly in the national languages in the Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Slovak scientific journals devoted to social sciences and humanities. It is being sponsored by the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Polish Academy of Sciences and Slovak Academy of Sciences. The service is hosted by the Interdisciplinary Centre for Mathematical and Computational Modeling, Warsaw University (ICM UW) within the Virtual Library of Science (BWN). The journal is frequently updated and at this point contains some 11 557 abstracts from 209 scientific journals. The CEJSH covers the following disciplines: ANTHROPOLOGY ARCHAEOLOGY ARTS & ARCHITECTURE ECONOMICS (Business & Management) ETHNOLOGY EDUCATION HISTORY LAW & ADMINISTRATION LIBRARY & INFORMATION SCIENCE MEDIA & COMMUNICATION PHILOLOGY & LINGUISTICS PHILOSOPHY POLITICAL SCIENCES PSYCHOLOGY SOCIOLOGY SCIENCE OF SCIENCE THEOLOGY OTHER SOCIAL SCIENCES To seach, click on find publication or find editor source You can also search the Digital Library of the ASCR, contains full-text articles published by some of the journals of the Czech Academy of Sciences.

Database Nauka Polska

Database Nauka Polska http://nauka-polska.pl/index.shtml This is an internet portal which showcases the database maintained by OĊ›rodek Przetwarzania Informacji since 1991. It is the most complete database of this type in Poland and is available free of charge. The previous version of the portal can be viewed under http://nauka.opi.org.pl The databases constituting the portal contain over 121, 000 records. The data are grouped in several sections: --information on Polish scholars (holders of PhD degrees, professors, etc.), living in Poland and abroad --information on Polish scholarly institutions of all types --information on scholarly research works, such as dissertations or post doctoral research articles. The contents, numbering over 100,000 records and backdated to 1999 and parallel the database SYNABA. --information on scholarly conferences, exhibitions, etc. --information on ongoing research projects To search a database, click on Szukaj which can be found in the upper right corner of the particular page. There is also a help section found under Pomoc. The database is continually updated.